2.0Kg Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguisher – Steel Alloy Type

Description Specification
Charge 2.0Kg
Fire Extinguisher Complete Full Weight 6.3Kg
Fire Extinguisher Complete Empty Weight 4.3Kg
Cylinder Empty Weight 4.0Kg
Cylinder Length (mm) 395
Out-Cylinder Diameter (mm) 115
Volume (L) 3
Min. Wall Thickness of Cylinder (mm) 2.12
Material 34CrMo4
Discharge Time >8 Sec.
Range of Discharge 1m
Corrosion Protection L
Working Pressure 4500kPa
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 25000kPa
Bursting Pressure of Cylinder >400bar
Safety Device 210- 15bar
Size / Type of Pressure Gauge Fitted 1/8″ NPT/Bourdon Tube
Fire Rating 27A 144B
Working Temperature -30’C ~ +60’C
Packing Size (cm) 16.5 x 12 x 51.5
SABS Specification SANS 1567
SABS Permit No. 9068 / 14365


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