Dry Chemical Powder And Foam Mobile Fire Extinguisher

Description Specification
Charge 50L
Fire Extinguisher Complete Full Weight 72Kg
Fire Extinguisher Complete Empty Weight 22Kg
Cylinder Empty Weight 19.9Kg
Cylinder Length (mm) 918
Out-Cylinder Diameter (mm) 300
Volume (L) 59.5
Min. Wall Thickness of Cylinder (mm) 3
Material HP245
Discharge Time >25 Sec.
Corrosion Protection L
Working Pressure 1400kPa
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 2100kPa
Bursting Pressure of Cylinder >5500kPa
Safety Device 2300 – 2800kPa
Size / Type of Pressure Gauge Fitted M10″1 / Diaphragm
Working Temperature -30’C – +60’C
Packing Size (cm) 37 x 36 x 114.5


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