Fire Safety Awareness

Fire has been one of man’s greatest allies through the ages. Without it we would not have had heat, cooked food and many comforts. Even in modern society our lives will be very difficult without fire. We need it to generate electricity, to get rid of waste materials, and for the production of many products. In fact, without it, man will not be able to survive.

But the moment fire gets out of control, becomes man’s worst enemy. In one year alone South Africa’s financial loss due to fire was R1, 3 billion, while 417 lives were lost and countless injuries sustained. Over 52 000 emergency calls were made to fire departments countrywide.

It is therefore the task of every person to make the workplace and home a safe place by learning how to prevent and control fires.

Course Contents

Transmission of Heat
Fire tetrahedron
Classes of Fire
Operating a portable fire extinguisher
Moving in smoke
Safe Evacuation

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