Planned Task Operations

All employers have duty of care to individuals, staff, contractors or third parties in the workplace. It is also a legal requirement that organizations should document any health and safety risks that have been identified in the workplace. Equally, it is necessary to record the actions taken to reduce those risks
Job Safety Analysis is the term given to the exercise of identifying risks to health and safety in the workplace, and documenting the control measures taken to manage those risks. It is not a trivial task. It requires knowledge, consistency and stringent application.

Course Content

Conducting effective Planned Task Observations
Terminology related to task analysis
How to develop a critical task inventory
Using a task analysis matrix to determine task criticality
Planning and scheduling observations.
Observation and coaching techniques.
Development of written safe work procedures.
10 practical steps to conduct Job Safety Analysis and Planned Task Observations.
Developing and following up on corrective actions.
Industry related case studies using multimedia and practical workshops.